Proven Process

Ours is no casual relationship. We promise depth of service, and that requires taking serious time using a proven process we’ve developed over the years.

While our counterparts may be more rigid and rely on time-honored practices, we recognize that every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. We’ve created an environment with systems that provide us the freedom to act rather than react.

Our success hinges on your success.

Step Approach


1. Organize

  • Gain understanding of investment objectives
  • Review and analyze current investment policy statement
  • Review and analyze current investment vehicles/products (if applicable)


2. Formalize

  • Identify time horizon and cash flow needs
  • Identify appropriate asset allocation to help meet investment risk/return objectives
  • Identify appropriate investment vehicles and asset classes
  • Define a due diligence process
  • Establish a prudent investment strategy

3. Implement

  • Advisor presents and discusses recommendations with you so that you can fully understand them
  • Plan is put into action

4. Monitor

  • Perform quarterly performance reports
  • Compare performance to appropriate indices, peer groups and initial objectives
  • Review asset allocation and rebalancing needs quarterly
  • Continually review short and long-term cash flow needs as well as overall investment objective. Make changes when necessary

While solid, it’s a fluid process, and changes are expected to account for shifts in the markets or unexpected life events. We are there to keep you informed, answer questions and sometimes just check in to be sure the non-financial aspects of your life are on track.