Yasmeen Shousher Moore, MBA

Portfolio Analyst

Humble Humanitarian, Inspiring Innovator

A native of Toledo, Yasmeen joined the Mansour Wealth team in 2014 after previously working as a financial consultant.

Yasmeen has an undergraduate degree in Finance and French from John Carroll University. She earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from Case Western Reserve University, specializing in finance and entrepreneurship.

Yasmeen spent most of her earlier years in the audit and financial analysis areas for a Fortune 500 company, where she honed these skills to apply to wealth management. From there, she started her own small business development consulting company in 2012, which focuses on helping non-profits and human service organizations build a sustained platform to profitability.

At Mansour Wealth Management, Yasmeen works with individuals and institutions to customize and manage portfolios designed to optimize their profitability and success. She develops and maintains portfolio models for clients differentiated by their age retirement horizon, lifestyle and risk tolerance. She is also responsible for driving the asset allocations in retirement accounts and insurance contracts as well as maintaining lists of suitable investments for company and individual 401(k)s and foundations. She leads in creating client performance summaries and updating benchmarks on a monthly basis while identifying potential areas for improvement.

An avid philanthropist, Yasmeen currently serves as Senior Advisor for Dwyer Philanthropy, a philanthropic organization empowering nonprofits, where she leads the financial and program management. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two children.